Wintringham celebrates 50th LocalGo member

7 June 2023
Nikki, 50th LocalGo member with John Keenan (Go Travel Solutions)and Christine Littlewood (Urban&Civic)

Master developer for Wintringham, Urban&Civic and sustainable travel partner Go Travel Solutions recently celebrated the 50th member of LocalGo, an initiative that promotes the low carbon travel options available locally and helps residents access discounts and offers to help them leave the car at home by walking, cycling and using public transport connections.

Membership to LocalGo is free for Wintringham residents and provides personal travel planning support as well as a £50 cycle voucher, a £50 bus voucher and many other offers on trains, cycling and car hire.

LocalGo’s 50th member, Nikki, was presented with a £50 voucher for Roberto’s Deli in St Neots to mark this milestone for the initiative. Nikki moved to Wintringham with her partner last September, and joined LocalGo following a recent Resident Association meeting where the benefits the scheme were promoted. Nikki works for the NHS and commutes to Aylesbury once a week, working from home the rest of the week.

Nikki said: “We travel by train a lot and proximity to the rail station was one of the reasons we moved to Wintringham, so we are looking forward to using the rail card discounts. We’re also hoping to use the voucher for the Ting bus service soon. The deli voucher has also been a pleasant surprise; I haven’t been there yet but can’t wait to investigate and see what types of cheese they have!”

Christine Littlewood, Community Development Lead for Wintringham, said: “The promotion of sustainable transport is a vital part of creating a sustainable and healthy community here at Wintringham. We’re close to St Neots, have a mainline station a short cycle ride away and are part of the popular demand responsive bus service Ting, providing real opportunities for our residents to choose cycling, walking or public transport over their cars.

“The LocalGo scheme is a great way to support sustainable options and help residents embrace a culture of ‘car last, not car first’.”

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