our vision for Wintringham


Our natural environment is really important; not just for our own wellbeing, but to ensure a robust and diverse ecosystem in which people and nature can live together in harmony.

What is currently on site

The established landscape, water and ecology on site provides a unique foundation from which we can create a high quality and bespoke setting at Wintringham. This includes Hen Brook and Wintringham Brook, wet and dry ditches, native hedgerow and trees, plantation woodland and areas of grassland that support a rich array of flora and fauna.

Green corridors at Wintringham St Neots
Cowslips at Wintringham St Neots

What we have planned

We have designed a strategic green network for the whole site to ensure the lives of all Wintringham’s inhabitants – whatever their size or species – are enhanced and protected now and in the future.

We’ll be creating green corridors that offer homes for nature, places of leisure and play for people and productive landscapes for all. This will include woodland, hedgerows and grassland as well as sport and recreation space, allotments and orchards.

Ponds, ditches and planting associated with the sustainable and natural drainage systems we create, also have a strong emphasis on improving the space for wildlife - especially those located within the brook corridors. Enhancements to the brook corridors will benefit a range of local priority species that could colonise the enhanced areas such as water voles, otters, bats, grass snakes, hedgehogs and aquatic invertebrates.

Ready, sett, go...

We will create a new sett for the badgers that periodically use the centre of the site in an appropriate location. New habitat areas will include a small pond to ensure access to fresh water throughout the year and fruiting trees and shrubs will be planted in the vicinity to provide foraging opportunities for the badgers.

Fruiting trees
Peacock butterfly at Wintringham
Streams and otters at Wintringham

Otterly amazing plan

Although the stream corridors on site are likely to form only a small part of the home range of otters, they have the potential to act as corridors to allow otters to move through the wider countryside and may also provide foraging opportunities. Management of vegetation immediately adjacent to the watercourses will take otters into consideration, ensuring resting sites are available.

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