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Wintringham is a thriving community, supported by key facilities, services and amenities, set in dynamic and attractive spaces. Critically, the new community is supported by public transport, safe links to the station and cyclepath/footway connections to get around the place and connect to neighbouring Loves Farm and St Neots.

Wintringham has been designed with spaces and places where people can meet up and play an active role in their new community.

Wintringham a place to work

A place to work

Wintringham will cultivate and support a thriving business community. The employment area will include a landscaped business park, small-scale employment around the district and local centre targeted at innovative and creative industries, and lighter clean industrial units to the south of the site, with good access to the regional transport network.


Early evidence suggests that Wintringham has been home to a variety of different people throughout the ages - dating back as far as the Neolithic period (c.4000 – 2200 BC). Our archaeologists will be investigating and documenting the site to help us better understand how our ancestors lived and worked the land.

Archaeology finds at Wintringham St Neots

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Welcome to Diwali at Wintringham! 🪔 The community came together to celebrate the Festival of Lights with beautiful traditional bakes made by a local Indian bakery including Jalebi, Besan ladoo, galub jamun cupcakes and more. Children enjoyed coming together to do traditional crafts including making lanterns, rangoli patterns and plate decorations. A dance was performed by students of Natyaveda School of Dance, Cambourne and Swara Nritya School of Arts, Cambridge. Pupils from Wintringham Primary Academy made beautiful lantern decorations to display in the hall where festivities took place. A big thank you to Wintringham Residents’ Association for hosting this event for the families at Wintringham, St Neots
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Can you dig it? ⛏🏺 We had a wonderful time meeting characters from the Iron Age, basket weaving, mosaic making, digging for treasure, and exploring the archaeological finds by @oxfordarchaeology at today’s heritage event. A big thank you to @stneotsmuseum and @molarchaeology for their wonderful displays. To find out more about the communities who lived in Wintringham before us, check out our website and listen to our podcast 🎧 Link in bio

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Did you know hedgehogs usually hibernate between November to mid-March, but they can sometimes be seen out and about during this period changing nesting sites?

We've teamed up with @wildlifebcn to show you how to help hedgehogs in your garden 🦔 We hope you can make this free family event on Sunday, 2 October 11am to 3pm. Link in bio.

All of us in the Wintringham team and across Urban&Civic join the nation in paying tribute to Her Majesty The Queen. ...

With a baby on the way, Toby and Rebecca decided the time had come to get out of their rented flat in London and into a family home of their own. Last December, they left south London for a new @calahomes house and are settling in to life in Wintringham, ready to welcome their baby daughter.

Rebecca said: “I had a crazy spreadsheet of locations detailing house prices, nurseries, distance from parents and commuter costs. Wintringham just ticked all the right boxes. The train station is only a 10-minute walk away and there’s an excellent school across the road.”

Read more about Toby and Rebecca's journey on our website.

Natural environment

A well designed and managed landscape in which people and wildlife can thrive together is essential to the successful creation of this new neighbourhood.  With landscaped, green spaces for our residents to enjoy sports, recreation and leisure pursuits. We are also protecting and enhancing key ecological features with new habitats for a diverse range of plants and animals to flourish.

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Wintringham is an extension to St Neots and we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to join us on this exciting journey to develop a new area that existing and future residents and visitors can enjoy. To be kept informed about the development and forthcoming community events, please register for updates.

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