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Wintringham will be a thriving community, supported by key facilities, services and amenities, set in dynamic and attractive spaces. Critically, the new community will be supported by public transport, safe links to the station and cyclepath/footway connections to get around the place and connect to neighbouring Loves Farm and St Neots.

Wintringham has been designed with spaces and places where people can meet up and play an active role in their new community.

Wintringham a place to work

A place to work

Wintringham will cultivate and support a thriving business community. The employment area will include a landscaped business park, small-scale employment around the district and local centre targeted at innovative and creative industries, and lighter clean industrial units to the south of the site, with good access to the regional transport network.


Early evidence suggests that Wintringham has been home to a variety of different people throughout the ages - dating back as far as the Neolithic period (c.4000 – 2200 BC). Our archaeologists will be investigating and documenting the site to help us better understand how our ancestors lived and worked the land.

Archaeology finds at Wintringham St Neots

Be part of Wintringham

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If you saw our last post, you'll know that it's not just a growing community of families, downsizers and first time buyers here at Wintringham… but a variety of wildlife too!

These Mallard Ducks have begun to make themselves at home in one of the landscaped ponds located at the entrance to the development.

What other wildlife have you spotted at Wintringham?

This year marks the first Spring season that residents have been living here at Wintringham.

And with the landscaping and flowers starting to fully bloom too, it's an exciting milestone for the development.

Don't forget, it's not just residents that are proud to call Wintringham home, but wildlife that are beginning to settle in too!

Whether you're upsizing or downsizing, there's something for everyone here at Wintringham.

From first time buyers making their first step onto the property ladder, to growing families that need more space, Wintringham has got you covered.

Marlene and Vittorio loved Wintringham and St Neots so much, they made the move all the way from Tower Bridge in Central London!

What are you waiting for? You could be next!

It's officially one month until @foodtruckrevolutionuk are coming to the Civic Square here at Wintringham. Are you as excited as we are?

Kicking off the first month of foodie fun and making their Wintringham debut will be @pigcassos on Saturday 1st May, make sure you've got it in your diary (in Sharpie!)

But hey, if you're busy on the 1st, fear not! We've got @steakandhonour booked in for the week after on Saturday 8th May... make sure you don't miss out!

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, or sign up to our database to be kept in the loop.

The entrance ponds at Wintringham contribute to leaving a lasting first impression for those visiting the development.

Come rain or shine, Wintringham really is shaping up to be a beautiful location to call home. But hey, we're biased right?

If you're looking to make your move this year, visit our website and find out more about living here at Wintringham - https://www.wintringham.org/homes/

Sustainable transport and active travel is a key priority for us here at Wintringham🚲

We appointed specialist sustainable transport consultancy Go Travel Solutions to support our new residents to walk and cycle more and support us in delivering our commitments to sustainable travel🚶‍♀️

Jemma Fry who moved into her brand new home at Wintringham in January this year, make the choice to join the LocalGo scheme in order to benefit from a 20% discount on a home EV charging point from EO Charging, which will allow her to charge her new electric car.

Jemma told us; “I really like LocalGo’s sustainable travel initiative. When we emerge from lockdown and we can travel more freely this is really going to help me save money. The scheme encourages use of public transport and energy-efficient personal vehicles so it helps the environment too.”

With the clocks due to spring forward this weekend, we're very much looking forward to lighter evenings!

With Spring soon to be in full swing, we want to know what you're looking forward to most about those lighter evenings. Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for your perfect match?

@calahomes might have just what you're looking for. Their Perfect Match event is taking place at Wintringham this Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March from 10.30am until 5pm.

Book your appointment today and move into your brand new home at Wintringham in 2021.

Don't forget, it's strictly appointment only so make sure you get booked in!

Did you know that @clickitlocal is being rolled out further in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire?

Buy any product from multiple local independent shops on one website, with one payment and get one consolidated same day delivery.

Find out more at @clickitlocal or http://www.clickitlocal.co.uk/

With more residents moving into their new homes at Wintringham every day, this brand new community is beginning to grow and thrive.

Marlene and Vittorio recently moved into their brand new three-bedroom home and are very exciting about their future here at Wintringham.

Moving all the way from Tower Bridge in London, they told us "Moving somewhere spacious with a garden, a garage, plenty of outdoor space and light feels like a world apart."

Our friends @foodtruckrevolutionuk will be coming to St Neots from May 1st!

They'll be located right here at the Civic Square outside Wintringham Primary Academy and will be bringing some new food truck delicacies for you to try. If you're a food vendor in the local area and you want to get involved, we want to hear from you!

Food Truck Revolution are on the lookout for any delicious, gourmet or unique cuisines with a cool set up. It's important that continue to have the environment at the forefront though, so ask that any vendors are environmentally friendly and use recyclable packaging.

Send them an email if you're interested and be sure to include photos of your food truck, the food itself (of course!), a menu with pricing and links to your relevant social media pages.

Contact foodtruckrevolution@hotmail.com today, they're waiting to hear from you!

Seat or stone? Quite the conundrum!

From the play spaces to the architecture, and all the benches and dipping ponds in between, Wintringham has health and wellbeing at it's core with a strict design code in place to ensure the highest quality.

We can confirm these are in fact seats! This is an informal seating area located outside Wintringham Primary Academy.

With the community at Wintringham beginning to grow and residents numbers increasing here month by month, we're very excited about what 2021 will hold for Wintringham.

A stones throw from the already thriving and established community at Loves Farm, and a short distance from the centre of the bustling market town of St Neots, Wintringham sits is at the heart of the exciting eastern expansion of this popular market town.

The new streets here at Wintringham have been named in honour of some of the local
families and individuals known to have lived
in the area more than 100 years ago.

If you're moving to Wintringham and you want to know the heritage behind your street name, let us know and we'll take you on a brief trip down memory lane!

Whether you're walking your children to Wintringham Primary Academy or simply strolling by, make sure you take look at our hoarding stretching around Three Fishes Pond and all the way up to the school.

This extensive hoarding run helps to bring the Wintringham story to life. Whilst we're still early days here at Wintringham, there is such an exciting future ahead, and the hoarding on site helps us to paint that picture.

Tell us what you see and if you find out something you didn't know before!

As the sun is setting on the final Friday of February, we're looking forward to Spring and the warmer months ahead.

We're all very excited to see Wintringham in full bloom this year and celebrating the first Spring with a growing community of new residents.

What are you most looking forward to?

With the re-opening of schools on the horizon, it will be great to see pupils returning to Wintringham Primary Academy.

Designed by architects DRMM, this three-form entry school was designed inspired by forest school principles.

Classrooms enjoy landscape views on two sides, centred around an exceptional woodland grove, whilst also having views out towards the surrounding landscape; bringing nature right into the classroom.

Explore our interactive school model on our website today!

Whether you're recently moved into Wintringham, you're working on site or you live in the local area and regularly pass by, you'll have noticed a lot of progress over the past weeks and months.

We recently worked with our local partners @macroartltd, who are based in St Neots, to bring forward an extensive run of hoarding here at Wintringham.

A stellar joint effort between Macro Art and our chosen creative agency, Hello Hackenbacker, has transformed the Nuffield Road entrance to the development and expertly showcases how the Wintringham story and vision can be impactfully told through the installation of hoarding.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/37FNeAh

Cleaning up the mess from pancakes last night and thinking you're sick of your current kitchen? Or perhaps you could just do with some more space for your growing family?

With over 30 different housing types here at Wintringham, you're sure to find your perfect home.

Find a house to call home at Wintringham St Neots, and be flipping pancakes in your brand new home next year.

Make the most of the half term break and teach the kids how to make the perfect pancakes today!

With some help from Nadiya Hussain, cook and winner of 'The Great British Bake Off', she'll give you a step by step to simple fluffy pancakes!

Head over to BBC Bitesize for a fun and clever way to have breakfast or dessert.


Natural environment

A well designed and managed landscape in which people and wildlife can thrive together is essential to the successful creation of this new neighbourhood. We will create landscaped, green spaces for our residents to enjoy sports, recreation and leisure pursuits. We will also protect and enhance key ecological features and establish new habitats for a diverse range of plants and animals to flourish.

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Wintringham is an extension to St Neots and we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to join us on this exciting journey to develop a new area that existing and future residents and visitors can enjoy. To be kept informed about the development and forthcoming community events, please register for updates.

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