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Wintringham will be a thriving community, supported by key facilities, services and amenities, set in dynamic and attractive spaces. Critically, the new community will be supported by public transport, safe links to the station and cyclepath/footway connections to get around the place and connect to neighbouring Loves Farm and St Neots.

Wintringham has been designed with spaces and places where people can meet up and play an active role in their new community.

Wintringham a place to work

A place to work

Wintringham will cultivate and support a thriving business community. The employment area will include a landscaped business park, small-scale employment around the district and local centre targeted at innovative and creative industries, and lighter clean industrial units to the south of the site, with good access to the regional transport network.


Early evidence suggests that Wintringham has been home to a variety of different people throughout the ages - dating back as far as the Neolithic period (c.4000 – 2200 BC). Our archaeologists will be investigating and documenting the site to help us better understand how our ancestors lived and worked the land.

Archaeology finds at Wintringham St Neots

Natural environment

A well designed and managed landscape in which people and wildlife can thrive together is essential to the successful creation of this new neighbourhood. We will create landscaped, green spaces for our residents to enjoy sports, recreation and leisure pursuits. We will also protect and enhance key ecological features and establish new habitats for a diverse range of plants and animals to flourish.

Get involved

Wintringham is an extension to St Neots and we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to join us on this exciting journey to develop a new area that existing and future residents and visitors can enjoy. To be kept informed about the development and forthcoming community events, please register for updates.

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Instagram post 2157489515846289460_12254699198 We are surrounded by so much natural beauty, it never gets tiring to watch it change throughout the seasons. Image taken on a morning stroll from Houghton Mill, one of our favourite local spots - An 18th century working water mill on the River Great Ouse. They are hosting an autumn Flour Festival until October 27th, be sure to check it out!
📷: @houghtonmillnt
Instagram post 2154354716740442473_12254699198 Looking down from the skies above, our drone photographer has captured Wintringham's first primary school taking shape. The design for this timber built school is centred around a courtyard which will include mature trees in a woodland setting at its very heart, providing an inspirational place to learn! Who wants to go back to school?!
Instagram post 2152230915349240989_12254699198 Who else finds themselves sipping on more coffee during the colder months? We especially can't resist when it's @bohemiaroasts, how lucky we are to have an independent micro coffee roastery in town. It's hard to walk past without getting a coffee to go! ☕
Instagram post 2137698846619211951_12254699198 CALA Homes have started on site at Wintringham, on land south of Cambridge Road and once complete will feature 222 high quality new homes, with a mix of two, three and four bedroom semi-detached and detached homes, and one and two bed apartments, designed to meet the needs of a range of purchasers. 20% of the properties will also be allocated as affordable housing, for rental and shared equity tenures. In keeping with the overall vision for the development, CALA will create an attractive setting for both new residents and surrounding neighbours, creating green and blue corridors to connect the local community to new parks and play areas. You can read more in our news section and register to be kept up to date at 🌳🏡
Instagram post 2129677081867626733_12254699198 Have you ever wondered what it may be like to work in construction? Belinda Yare, Training Co-ordinator for the EDGE Construction Skills Centre at Alconbury Weald joins the ‘Over to You’ show hosted by Norman Napper on Huntingdon Community Radio. On the show Belinda and Norman discuss jobs and skills opportunities in the construction industry and built environment in Cambridgeshire covering Wintringham in St Neots, Alconbury Weald, Huntingdon, and Waterbeach, north of Cambridge. To hear information on the varied roles and the free training courses on offer, visit the link in our bio and head to > News 📻 🎧 🧱
Instagram post 2126934186408471794_12254699198 A good proportion of the proposed tree planting has been undertaken along Cambridge Road which includes species with interesting names such as Sweet Gum - Liquidambar styraciflua, Rowan - Sorbus aucuparia and Whitebeam - Sorbus aris. English Oak tree - Quercus robur are also in the mix. English oak trees host hundreds of species of insect, supplying many British birds with an important food source.  You can find out other interesting facts on different native and non native trees at The Woodland Trust website

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