Cambridge Road: infrastructure works update

29 April 2019
Cambridge Road: infrastructure works update

Work is progressing well with the early infrastructure needed for Wintringham, however there have been unexpected delays resolving the telecommunications cabling and gas protection works at both Stone Hill and Dramsell Rise. As a result, the 3-way traffic lights that are currently on Stone Hill roundabout will need to stay in place until the works have been completed safely. We do not have an exact timeframe for this at the moment, but will update local residents as soon as we do.

The solutions taken forward at Stone Hill, should enable works needed at Dramsell Rise to progress more quickly, and so once Stone Hill is complete the works at Dramsell Rise will be re-planned and re-programmed. The team will then be moving down Cambridge Road (away from Loves Farm) to commence works on the third T-junction, temporary entrance.

As previously advised, the traffic lights will continue to need to be in place 24 hours a day due to the nature of the works but will be manned during peak periods to minimise impact on road users.

We’ll provide an update on the schedule for further work on Cambridge Road as soon as it’s available.

Anyone with any concerns or queries about the traffic management system should contact Breheny on 01480 459341 or Rebecca at Urban&Civic on 01480 413141.

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