Work starts on early infrastructure for Wintringham development

31 January 2019
Work starts on early infrastructure at Wintringham
Early infrastructure work has started to reinforce the existing utility network and bring utilities into the new Wintringham development.

The work is taking place hand in hand with creating a new landscape along the front of Cambridge Road, with earth bunds being put in place to create green space and a pedestrian and cycle way at the front of the development.

Local contractor, Breheny, has a traffic management system in place that is using traffic cones to help guide vehicles using the Dramsell Rise and Stone Hill entrances, to support ongoing work as part of reinforcing and upgrading the services running along Cambridge Road.

Rebecca Britton from Urban&Civic, master developer for Wintringham, said:

“It is important to establish a connection to key utilities at this early stage to ensure a comprehensive approach to development and ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place before the first new homes start to be built, with minimum disruption to existing communities.”

“We are working closely with Breheny and the local Residents’ Association to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum wherever possible and no road closures are currently anticipated for this work.We will continue to keep the local community informed as the work progresses.”

The next stage of work – putting in the new entrances – is likely to require a single traffic light management system that will be moved as the work progresses. Details will be confirmed over the next few weeks.

In the longer term, the construction access will be from the A428 for the remaining phases of the development and should not impact the main entrance points from Loves Farm and the St Neots route to the A428.

Huntingdon District Council as local planning authority has approved the following working hours as part of the construction management plan for the early infrastructure works:

    07:00 – 19:00 Monday to Friday

    07:00 – 13:30 Saturday (when/if required)

    No construction will take place on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Deliveries will also take place within these hours, however every effort will be made to reduce deliveries during peak hour traffic of 08:00 – 09:30 and 15:30 – 17:30 from Monday to Friday whenever possible.

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