What happens next

This is just the beginning of the journey, of our engagement with you and the start of our investment in Wintringham and St Neots.

There will be many ways in which we can work together over the next 15 years of development, and we hope these discussions will spark projects and partnerships for the future.

Our immediate timeline is set out below, as a guide to the potential delivery of the development. 

Autumn 2018

  • Full Planning consent finalised

In winter 2018
  • Site preparation, including landscape management, groundworking and site set-up
  • Road entrances and construction access installed
  • Planning Application submitted for first primary school
  • Planning application (as a Reserved Matters Application) for first homes

In spring 2019

  • First homes consented
  • First housebuilder starts on site
  • Rollout of jobs brokerage work on site
  • Continued landscaping and infrastructure work along Cambridge Road

In summer 2019

  • delivery of community facilities, landscape and place-making
  • work with local community groups, on welcome packs and promotion of local facilities and activities

In autumn / winter 2019

  • First residents moving in
Wintringham Phase One wintringham calendar

We are starting the first phase of development south of Cambridge Road, to invest in and expand the existing connections and ensure a cohesive approach to the Eastern gateway into St Neots. We will continue to work with local stakeholders including local authorities, developers of the second phase of Love’s Farm and Love’s Farm Community Association to bring forward a cohesive and coordinated development that supports new and existing residents.

Master Developer role

As Master Developer, Urban&Civic take a long-term view of creating and sustaining a new community. As part of this role, we:

— prepare the site, ensure all remediation is carried out, put in and manage construction entrances and routes, and oversee all construction work

— put in early infrastructure including: power, water supply, broadband and roads; sustainable drainage systems; trees, hedgerows, landscaped areas and important habitats; community facilities and services, including schools and community centres

— work with housebuilders to ensure high quality homes that are built to the specifications set out in our Design Codes. If you would like to come and see the way we work, please speak to us about having a tour of our other local strategic development site, Alconbury Weald, which is just 20 minutes away.